We hope to share with you a little bit about us through this blog so feel free to look around. We are new to this whole blogging thing so sorry if it’s a little crazy.


We have been married for 9 years! We have found that the secret is always putting each other first. This can be particularly hard for the two of us as we can both be very stubborn, but sometimes this stubbornest can be a good thing. When we set our minds to something together there’s no stopping us.. haha. We try to put our family’s needs and happiness before everything else. When we were first married putting each other first was a hard thing to learn. Sometimes it is still hard, but we do try. We trust each other. This too has come with time and we are still learning to trust more everyday.

We are a family that does everything together, well just about.. We love spending time with each other. We are each other’s best friend. This part came naturally. When we started dating we would always comment on how we felt like we already knew each other… weird, we know. We encourage each other and cheer each other on. Neither one of us enjoy being in the spotlight or the center of attention, but you still might find one of us on the sidelines cheering at the top of our lungs for the other.

We love to have fun and love to laugh, but who doesn’t! We love adventures, even if it is just having a BBQ in our backyard.  In our free time you might see us riding our bikes through our neighborhood full of parks, playgrounds, streams, fields, and lots of kids. We have a really fun farm that we like to go to feed and see the animals. Mostly though we love visiting the families that live here and helping with the “farm life”.  Yes, we have even raised and done our own chicken! Okay, Sarah didn’t help to much. She was afraid she might hate eating chicken if she did. But next year she plans on helping.. ha we shall see.

At times you may find us out camping, hiking, fishing, side-by-side riding, or maybe just curled up with a good book, for Rob this book is probably a school book (he decided to finish his degree! Wahoo!) or a “How to” book. Sarah, well Sarah just enjoys reading anything and everything, but mostly novels. We also enjoy a good cuddle on the couch with a movie or TV series.

We finally bought hammocks! Well we bought one, then we had to buy another because we both wanted our own
water fun
Splash pad fun with one of the nephews

We have a little toy poodle named Bella who we love! We enjoy teaching her new tricks and taking her to her favorite places such as the park or either one of her grandma’s houses (they call her their grand puppy and feed her lots of treats). We both come from very kind, loving and supportive parents. Our parents absolutely love being doggy grandparents and grandparents.

Sometimes she’s not much of a fan of us…But we love her so much!

We have struggled for many years with infertility. After several rounds of fertility treatments and several miscarriages, we were left with heartache and loss. It was often hard to keep hoping. Through our suffering, we gained more compassion and love for each other and for others. We learned to be grateful under any circumstance. Though we aren’t going to lie, this is super hard at times. During this time we prayed a lot and know that God was leading us to adoption. One thing we have learned is that sometimes our plans don’t match God’s plans.

We believe the more people loving a child the better. Your child will be loved unconditionally, not just by us, but also by our dear friends and family. We want he or she knowing and embracing their story. We would love to develop a relationship with you that includes updates (letters, email, pictures, facetime, texts) and occasional visits. We would love to be able to consider you family but also are understanding if you prefer differently. We are open to discuss and work out a type of relationship that fits all of us. No matter what type of relationship, he or she will always know the love that you have for them. We will try our very best to make sure your baby is safe, happy, and loved.

This is just a glimpse of who we are. We look forward and are excited to get to know you! Please feel free to check out our fb page and you are more than welcome to contact us. Our email address is rsadopt@gmail.com. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.


Rob & Sarah

We know that it can be hard to get to know someone through blogs, fb, IG. We had this video made of us that will hopefully help give a little more of a glimpse into who we are.

Our dear friends did this video of us for an adoption banquet that they held for us. It tells a little bit about our journey.

Panel 1



We love Ice Cream Dates… or just any excuse to eat ice cream!



Food: Fondue (all kinds). I’m not much of a candy person but I love fruit, good chocolate and ice cream!

Drink: Dirty Dr. Pepper mmm

Movie: The Proposal, Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter, Cinderella Man, Pride & Prejudice, Le Mes, The Longest Ride…I like lots of different movies from Disney’s and classics to suspense and action. Just as long as it is not a scary movie. I am a push over for happy endings.

TV shows: Right now I’m really into Vampire Diaries and The Black List. We love Netflix at our house. I also like The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Hawaii Five-O, Poldark, This is Us, The Crown…

Music: Ahh where to start? I love music! I like all kinds but a few of my favorites include Christian such as Cherl Call, Country, Brad Paisley is a big favorite, I also like classic country like Alabama, I also like The Chainsmokers, Lady G, Jewel, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls (Yes I grew up in that generation :)….

Books: Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter, most Nicholas Sparks, Pride & Prejudice, To Kill a Mocking Bird, my latest favorite is The Nightingale… the list in this section could go on forever because I love to read. Rob always jokes that he loses his wife when I start on another book.

book time
Lost in one of her many books

Dream Vacation: Any place that is really chill and relaxing. Some place peaceful and full of nature. A fluffy bed would also be a big plus. It would also be a place that has yummy food, but ultimately as long as I’m with Rob away from the busyness of life I’m good.

Once we took to a trip to Jamaica it was also Rob’s first visit to the ocean. It was so so beautiful!


Food: I’m kinda a meat head, I love a good roast and potatoes. Some of my other favorites are Meatloaf wrapped in bacon, Mexican, and some sushi. Oh and I’m a huge chocolate and peanut butter fan! This stuff is life!

The best of both worlds chocolate and peanut butter mmm

Drink: Dr Pepper and lots of it!! Probably not a healthy addiction. Hey sometimes I switch it up and drink DP 10 or Diet DP.

Movie: I don’t know if I get to have favorite movies or not, I watch lots of chick-flicks because then I get to snuggle and take a nap… j/k.  I enjoy most movies with cars and action 🙂

T.V. shows: Black List, Longmire, NFL Sunday football.

Music: I like many kinds of music: Country, Rap, Hip Hop. Some of my tops are kinda old school-Sammy Kershaw, Diamond Rio.

Books: I’m not much of a reader of reading just to read. Most books I read are books that I’m trying to learn a skill or knowledge in order to do something. ie. repair manuals, how to books, and more recently school books.

Dream Vacation: Any vacation, mostly because I get to be with my sweet wife 24/7 and I don’t have to work!!!


Just a little drive we took one morning to do a little fishing… well in Sarah’s case book reading 🙂



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If you’d like to know us a little bit better or maybe you’d like for us to get to know you better, feel free to reach out to us.